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A designer leather skirt is a wardrobe must that gives every ensemble an effortlessly stylish edge. The best leather and other time-tested materials are used to adorn exclusive leather skirts by Luvi. There is a skirt for any ensemble, whether it be a whimsical micro or a classy midi.

Why Luvi’s Designer Leather Skirts Are Wardrobe Must-Have

Women’s leather skirts are one of the most adaptable wardrobe items, much like their legendary jacket counterparts. Choose timeless mini-skirts in black or add eye-catching embellishments for a whimsical twist. 

Choose from one of the classic leather skirts to give your outfit a rebellious touch. Trapezoidal silhouettes in black will make up a perfect casual attire when paired with your favorite sneakers and logo-printed t-shirts. Do you want to play with texture? Contrasting fabrics go nicely with leather skirts. For a delicate finish, pair them with a satin or silk shirt. During colder months, wear them with a butter-soft cashmere cardigan.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, go for clothes with a high waist that will highlight your figure. Wear a leather skirt with a ribbed knit sweater in a bold color and knee-high leather boots. Designer leather skirts by Luvi will unquestionably highlight your distinctive individuality and feminine beauty.