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LWearing a leather trench coat is a win-win solution to how to look gorgeous and posh in mid-season. That’s what Luvi offers women today!
Our new high-quality leather trench coats of middle length will help you create unique and exclusive outfits for your everyday walks and special events. These items were developed by the brand Luvi’s designers to meet the highest expectations of fashion lovers. They combine a classy silhouette with exceptional quality and high-end style.

Only the Highest Quality Women’s Trench Coats Are Guaranteed by the Luvi Brand

We pay the greatest attention to the quality of our items. We do understand that only impeccable quality materials provide an expensive look for an item. To maintain this rule, we have gone above and beyond until we selected the best natural leather and 100% viscose to tailor our trench coats for women.

For each trench coat, we also use the finest furniture from European manufacturers and control each stitch to prove it was made perfectly. That helps our trench coats to fit the figure perfectly and retain their deluxe look for a long time. That’s why there are lots of celebs among our clients choosing the leather trench coat by Luvi for their exquisite outfits. We are proud of the confidence they show to our brand, and that’s the highest mark for our work.
With our women’s black trench coats, you will look like a true celeb on a red carpet every day!