About us

LuVi is an artisanal fashion brand from Ukraine that transforms the art of the past into the heritage of the present.

The brand was founded in Kyiv in 2006 by Ludmila Sedlyar and Victoria Zagrafova. "We wanted to make our brand about love and sexuality – that's why our logo is an upside-down heart. We always hand-embroider this heart on our clothes."

Victoria and Ludmila founded the brand and presented it at Ukrainian Fashion Week in 2006.

Within a few years of that, the brand moved away from the model of seasonal collections to concentrate on individual work with the stars of television and show business.

Neither Victoria nor Ludmyla had a formal training in fashion, but they both have an art education. Victoria has a theatre and decoration education and is skilled in scenography, while Ludmyla is a graphic artist. Currently, they live, create, and produce their clothes in their own atelier in Kyiv.